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    at which he hung with scrupulous care on the peg against the wall, was startlingly new. He looked like a disguised cardinal in easy circumstances. He made

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    bland enquiries as to the health of the good folks at Brant?me, and ordered an apéritif for Martin and black-currant syrup and water for himself. Then M

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    artin said: “I have come from Brant?me to consult you on a matter of the utmost importance—to myself, of course. It’s a question of my whole future.”

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    He laid a five-franc piece on the table. Fortinbras pushed the coin back. “My dear boy, this is a family affair. I know all about it. For yo

    Fortinbras rose from the
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    u I’m no longer the Marchand de Bonheur.” “If you’re not,” said Martin, “I don’t know what the devil I shall do.” And, with his finger,

    frosty terrasse of the Caf
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    he flicked the coin midway between them. “My dear fellow,” said Fortinbras, flicking the coin an inch towards Martin, “if you so desire it,

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    I will deal with you in my professional capacity. But as in the case of the solicitor or the doctor it would be unprofessional to accept fees f

    of the Rue Richelieu and


or the settlement of his own family affairs, so, in this matter, I am unable to accept a fee from yo

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u. Bigourdin, whose character you have had an intimate opportunity of judging, has offered you a sha

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    re in his business. As a lawyer and a man of the world, I say unhesitatingly,

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  • Analyze.

    ‘Accept it,’ As long as Brant?me lasts—and there are no signs of it perishi

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    ng,—commercial travellers and tourists will visit it and go to the H?tel des

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  • Integrate.

    Grottes. And as long as European civilisation lasts, it will demand the gastro

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    nomic delicacies of truffles, paté de foie gras, Périgord pie, stuffed quail

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